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  • 808 m2
  • House cleaning
  • 24 bedrooms
  • Terrasse
  • Wifi
  • 11 bathrooms
  • Furnished
  • TV
  • Bike storage
  • Gym

A charming house in a diverse and vibrant area

For this project, we go all the way back to 1910, when construction began.

The house used to serve as a dentist's office. Many of our neighbours fondly recall being treated there in the past!

The main challenge was to infuse character into what was essentially a blank slate. With some serious obstacles to overcome, we installed reed on the ceiling, ripped out the carpet in the basement, and textured the walls to emphasize the space's unique personality.

The meeting room tables came from a dismantled bowling alley. The wall in the conference room made entirely of old windows we found in the Good Olde Things warehouse!

Crown Heights is a historically significant neighbourhood, it was one of Brooklyn's wealthiest areas between 1890 and 1910. It's not surprising that the area's restaurants and entertainment options reflect the diversity of its residents' and their unique culture.

You’ll find a wide range of cuisines, from Dominican to Ethiopian, as well as both plant-based and meat dishes. They say you discover different cultures through their cuisine. Well, be prepared to try a lot of new ones!

Nearby, you have one of Brooklyn's finest, Prospect Park, which was designed by the same people who worked on the Central Park in Manhattan. Within easy reach there are also Prospect Park Zoo, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and the Grand Army Plaza Farmers’ Market.

With so much going on in Crown Heights, it's clear that it’s a fun and exciting area to explore and a fantastic place to live!

Meet Cal

Project Manager - 25 years old

“The house is great, and the community is great, so I stayed. I didn’t know many people in New York when I moved in, so to have an instant community was really fantastic for me. And that’s continued to be one of the best things about Cohabs.”


Meet Maxence

Journalist - 40 years old

“New York is a pretty peculiar city and it’s not super easy to form a social circle. Cohabs certainly makes it easy for you. You feel like you’re being not spoiled maybe, okay maybe close to being spoiled I guess.”


Meet Raquel

Consulting Development Analyst - 23 years old

“I knew I was getting into a coliving space, but I never imaged it would turn into one of my most valuable communities. In New York, it’s both difficult and important to find “your people” and Cohabs really gives you the tools to do just that. My roommates have turned into life-long friends.”


Meet Estelle

Marketing - 23 years old

“You know that you've done the right choice when you arrive in a Cohabs: everything is there to make you feel at home; each house has its own vibe so, for sure, you will find the perfect home for you. Cohabs is the right place to build relationships with amazing people from all over the world. One thing is certain: you will never forget this incredible experience!”


Meet Daniel

RN - 37 years old

“It’s just very cozy, it doesn’t feel like I just went to a hotel or rented out a space. It really feels like home. We have our dreams, so we focus on that, and everything else is taken care of.”


Meet Félicité

Key Account Manager - 30 years old

“Moving from Canada to Cohabs in New York gave me a warm and friendly place to live. I met people sharing the same appetite to discover the city but also to have a little cocoon where we can share a dinner or a random chat after a long day at work. Cohabs is super responsive, services included are great! It made the process to settle in super easy.”


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    Fully furnished home with high-speed WiFI & Netflix.

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    The cleaning team comes to our houses once a week for a deep clean solutions.

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    Open your door, create an event & so much more.

  • Common groceries

    Basic supplies delivered each month.

  • Monthly breakfast

    World-class breakfast delivered once a month.

  • Community

    Meet our global community through monthly events.

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