Our biggest and most stunning house.
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the Parvis de Saint-Gilles

If your plan is to live in one of the trendiest neighborhood of Brussels then you definitely should consider living in Cohabs Parvis. The house is located in one of the liveliest parts of the Belgian capital. You would basically be living a minute away from the well-known Parvis de St-Gilles, with all its bars and restaurants: ideal location for drinks after work with your flatmates or to spend the day working with a coffee at La Maison du Peuple. You’ll also be only a few blocks away from the train station Bruxelles Midi, an easy way to visit the country. And finally, you’ll only be a few trams stops away from Ixelles, one of the most active districts of Brussels! For that and so many other reasons, Cohabs Parvis is definitely the place to be if you want to live in one of the most exciting areas of the city, surrounded by activities all year round.

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  • Flexible lease
  • Fully-furnished
  • One flat fee
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  • 650 m2
  • House cleaning
  • 21 bedrooms
  • Wifi
  • 9 bathrooms
  • Furnished
  • TV
  • Bike storage

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In the Heart 
of Saint-Gilles

If you decide to live in Cohabs Parvis, you will have the convenience to access public transportation services very easily. Indeed, the tram and buses will take you to all company’s headquarters based near the Avenue Louise in a few minutes, and lucky you, you can also access it by foot. Do you work in the city center? That’s not a problem, you will also be able to reach the city center in a few minutes with the subway, located 2 minutes away from the house. Hence, without the shadow of a doubt, Saint-Gilles is definitely one of the best neighborhood if you are going to work in Brussels.

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in Saint-Gilles

You foodies out there, your taste buds are going to be on fire in Saint-Gilles! Indeed, you have made the right decision for living in Cohabs Parvis. You are literally living two minutes away from an amazing burger restaurant of Brussels: the Broebbeleir Burger, not hundreds of options: just the best ingredients gathered in several burgers, served with delicious Belgian fries. You’ll for sure find a ton more of restaurants to try in this area whether it is classic Belgian food, healthy lunches, Lebanese or Moroccan dishes! But if you are looking for Italian food: La Bottega Della Pizza which is the best pizzas in Brussels is just ten minutes walk away!

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We ❤ Saint-Gilles

Located in the heart of Brussels, Saint-Gilles is often referred to a village in the City, but what a trendy village! In St-Gilles you will for sure never lack things to do, places to explore and cultures to meet. If you don’t replace it, just remember St-Gilles is a little Berlin: in the streets next to the house you’ll find flea markets, thrift shops, comic stores, concept stores, tons of bars and restaurants, an arty district with galleries and exhibitions. All of that accessible within walking distance: you don’t have any excuses not to do anything of your free time!


Meet Grégoire

Analyst Developer - 29 years old

“I was looking for a friendly, lively and enjoyable living experience in Brussels. So happy I found the right mix of jovial flatmates in a fully equipped and trendy house located near great spots in Ixelles!”


Meet Anu

Assistant - 31 years old

“Our house feels like a home away from home. The owners make an effort to create a cozy, social and environmentally responsible living environment where you can relax with your housemates after work, hang out with friends or simply enjoy the privacy of your own space.”


Meet Maxime

Digital Marketer - 23 years old

“I was skeptical at first because it was my first time in a house share. The great thing about Cohabs is that the houses are really designed to help us connect between members. On top of that, each place comes with a wide range of free benefits such as a housekeeper, Spotify & Netflix.”

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