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The concept

Coliving is a modern form of housing where residents share living space and a set of interests, values and intentions. It’s a new take on an old idea, imagined by a millennial generation that values things like openness and collaboration, social networking and the sharing economy.

Located in Brussels and New York, we craft beautiful places that feel just like home. Our houses are composed of shared or private bedrooms and common shared spaces. 

Everyone can apply for a room.

Our members are usually between 21 and 35 years old and come from all around the world, from the Northern lights of Finland to the sunny beaches of Australia. They are curious and open-minded, looking for new opportunities to connect and learn new things.

Most of them are already professionally active and have extremely diverse career backgrounds  (health, consulting, finance, digital …) or are actively pursuing a higher education and internship programs.

Our community values are: be open, keep learning, think green, stay foolish, lend a hand and be respectful. You can discover more on our Cohabs Community page.

Every month, a great variety of events are organized for or by members - a yoga class, a poker tournament, a citizens' initiative, a private concert, a soccer game or simply a pleasant dinner. Every month, we deliver breakfast at each home to make sure our members spend time together to connect.

Every house has its own designed shared spaces.

You’ll always find a fully-equipped kitchen, a living room and a laundry room. Most of our houses also have a garden, a gym, a cinema room and, with a bit of luck, even a poker room!

Our standard bedrooms have a queen-sized bed (140x200), a desk with chair, a bedside table with lamp, a custom-build closet and private storage.

We have rooms with private bathrooms and rooms with shared bathrooms. The bathroom always has a shower and a sink, no bath.

In addition to the accommodation provided, every member can get a monthly subscription service that handles their bedding and room cleaning so they can spend their time doing the things they love. These services are not included in the monthly rent.

Our members can subscribe to extra services by buying packs in the Cohabs app. After that we will take care of everything.

Our availability depends on our occupancy rate, but also on the type of room you are looking for, the neighborhood... We have many houses under renovation, allowing us to offer you a large number of rooms that are opening very soon. 

After your call with our Community Manager, we will send you our current availability based on your chosen room you're looking for. If you want to secure your room, be quick. It's "first come, first serve" at Cohabs.

Yes, every house has a laundry room with washing machines and dryers. The number of laundry appliances depends on the number of housemates.

Depending on the size of each Cohabs house, we have anywhere from 3 to 22 rooms. You can find more information on our houses page.

The size of the room depends on the room size. Our private rooms are about 14 m2/ 150 sq. The other rooms vary from about 10 m2 / 110 sq for the smallest and about 30 m2/325 sq for the largest.

You can see the exact size of our private rooms in the virtual tour after applying online.

In most Cohabs houses, the toilets are shared with three roommates. Our newest Cohabs houses often have private toilets and shower.

For more information, take a look at our virtual tour or check with our Community Manager during your call.

Yes, if it's a prebooking, we will invite you for a tour before you sign your lease.

If it's a booking, we have a virtual house tour with pictures and a video tour. The video will give you a very good overview of all the rooms in the house. And if you have specific questions, our Community Manager will be happy to answer them for you.

For the security of our members and neighbors, we prefer not to reveal the exact address of our houses. However, you can check the approximate location on the house page.

Don’t worry, we will send you the address when you receiving the link to your virtual tour.

Most of our Cohabs houses in Belgium are equipped with Salto smart-lock security systems. On top of that, we also use a Ring security system to keep the main entrance safe. Via the Cohabs application, you will have the possibility to unlock/lock your room.

For privacy reasons, we do not access or transfer data, unless you give us your explicit permission (for example if we ever had to track suspicious activity occurring in front of the house).

It is a measure imposed by the New York Housing Department policy that prevents residential properties, like Cohabs, from installing bedroom door locks for fire safety purposes. 

However, as explained in our golden rules we provide safe and secure common spaces through trust and mutual respect of our community. These elements are key and part of our community's success.


Our Cohabs app is designed to accompany you throughout your Cohabs stay, and make it as flexible and simple as possible. From day one, the app will assist you in the community life and will allow you to access all of the services and information necessary during your stay.

Our members can use it to plan their move-in and move-out, check their rent balance, RSVP to Cohabs Social events, access smart home technology, submit and track maintenance requests, and access important house information.

The app is downloadable from the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store.

As the world moves towards a carbon-neutral-future, sustainability is at the center of what we do. Among other things, a large majority of our houses have solar panels, sustainable appliances and a rainwater harvesting system. Most of our furniture is bought on the second-hand market, giving them a second life. We have a strong focus on energy cost reduction, thanks to dedicated monitoring tools in every home.

About your stay

We are glad that you are interested in joining our community!

The first step is to apply online to verify our room availability. If we have a room available at your desired date, you'll be able to book a quick call with our Community Manager to help you find the best fit within our network. 

After arranging details about your stay (location, room type preference, etc.) we will ask you to send us the required documents in order to verify your identity and solvency. Then you can visit your house (virtually or in real life after a prebooking) and sign your lease online.

Our membership is all-inclusive, meaning that the price you see is the price you pay. On average, the pricing for a bedroom is around €830 in Brussels and $1550 in New-York City. On top of the monthly rent, we ask for a deposit of 1-2 month's rent which we return to you once you move out.

Beyond living & connecting with an open-minded community, your all-in-one monthly membership includes:

  • Basic groceries;
  • Monthly breakfast;
  • A fully-furnished bedroom with private or shared bathroom;
  • Abundant and well-decorated shared spaces;
  • A tech-friendly environment (access to our mobile application, Wi-Fi, Netflix, keyless room);
  • All utility-costs including Wi-Fi; 
  • Weekly cleaning of the shared spaces;
  • Monthly events;
  • New friends;

The move-in process is fully digital/automated and done through our mobile application. No one from the Cohabs team will be present. But don't worry, your roommates will welcome you :-)

Our Cohabs app is designed to accompany you throughout your stay with us, and make it as flexible and simple as possible! If your flight arrives later than expected, no worries, everything is provided in the mobile application.


Regarding the move-out, please note that in case of damages to the bedroom, the amount incurred by their repair will be retained from your deposit. We will, of course, outline and discuss this with you first.  

In case of damages in the shared spaces that aren't the responsibility of a sole housemate, the amount necessary for fixing them will be split evenly between the members currently living in the house.

The minimum length of a stay is 6 months while the maximum is 3 years, but we’re flexible as often as possible.

Yes, we ask our members to officially establish themselves at the beginning of their stay. You will find more information about it in the Cohabs app.

You can do pretty much what you want in your room as long as you do not damage walls, floors or other surfaces and return your bedroom to the state in which you found it.

Every member gets access to our dedicated Cohabs application. Within the application, you will be able to report an incident or add a wish for your house.

You can request via the Cohabs application and send us an email. When possible, but this is completely subject to our lease terms, we try to be as flexible. Although we try to allow for 2 months, in the case that you have stayed for more than 6 months, we can never guarantee a lease break.

You have the possibility to cancel your stay 15 days after the signature of your lease.

Beyond this deadline, we will be obliged to charge you a cancellation fee equivalent to 2 months’ rent.

Your room is secured after you complete these important steps: 

  1. Call with the Community Manager
  2. Required documents submitted
  3. Room secured via the prebooking or booking page
  4. Lease/membership agreement signed / deposit + first month's rent paid

During the application process, we will ask you to upload the required documents to conduct the background check. These may include but are not limited to: government ID, bank statements, employment/student status, tax returns, personal guarantors, etc.

After the reception of these documents, we will review them and respond within 24 hours. 

Once approved, you will receive ​an agreement to sign electronically (super easy), and an online invoice to pay your upfront payments. 

After signing and payments, you will officially be a Cohabs Member! 

The application process is easy. You just have to complete the application form and book your call with our community manager. It takes a little more than 3 minutes. It is possible that you will have to wait a few days before having your call. 

Then you will have the background check and virtual tour, but all that happens on your end. You can complete it while chilling comfortably on your couch. at your own pace.

Our membership is all-inclusive, meaning that the price you see is the price you pay. On average, the pricing for a bedroom is around 830 € in Brussels and $ 1550 in New York.

In addition to the rent, we ask for a fixed 1300 € / $ 1300 deposit that we return to you once you move out (2 weeks after your move out). One Month Deposit for our Cohabs New York members.

Yes off course.

You just have to address your mail to your Cohabs house’s address. You can also write your name on the board near the front door.

Our rooms are fully furnished, equipped, and have almost everything you need.

We say almost because the only things we don't provide are a blanket, sheets and cushion(s), so don't forget to bring yours.

Rather travel light? You will have the possibility to subscribe to our Be Comfy pack before moving in via the Cohabs App, we'll take care of these for you.

We know that the leasing process can be slow and frustrating.

That’s why we’ve rethought it and offer a pretty straightforward lease process. Here it is briefly:

  1. You realize that Cohabs is what you’ve been always been looking for.
  2. You enquire about availability and book your call with us.
  3. After a good chat with our Community Manager, you will receive a virtual tour
  4. You want to book the room, you upload the required documents on our application platform.
  5. Everything gets validated.
  6. You receive a link to sign the lease online
  7. Welcome Home!

We are really flexible regarding the lease term, we just ask a minimum stay of 6 months.

We also offer a 14-day cancellation policy.

General informations

A House Ambassador is responsible for ensuring the house is kep in good condition and all the members are enjoying their stay. Each house has its own House Ambassador. It should be noted that the House Ambassador is not paid by Cohabs. 

Yes, as long as there is a free room. Moreover, you have priority over people not in the Cohabs network yet. You can apply for a new room directly through our mobile application.

Yes, for a period of about 7 days per month and as long as your housemates agree. Use your discretion - we like to be flexible, but guests can not pose a disturbance to your other housemates. If they are cool with it we are. 

Once in a house, the House Ambassador will be your point of reference.

No, our houses are smoke free areas. 

No, we unfortunately cannot welcome minors in our homes. 

Even though we love animals, pets are not allowed for hygienic reasons in the common spaces and for our members who may be allergic.

Yes, our houses almost always have ample storage space for bicycles.

As we promote alternative mobility, we rarely have parking for cars but there are many public or private parking garages near our Cohabs houses. 

We don’t impose any strict curfew on our homes, but we count on our members to respect the tenants and neighbors. We have a quiet hours policy starting after 10 pm during working days and 10:30 pm on weekend nights.


We are keeping in regular contact with our House Managers through our mobile application in order to have daily updates, answer questions and make/hear suggestions. Some of the measures taken so far:

- Shared best practices for Cohabs houses on a regular basis

- Delivered extra cleaning products to every house

- Delivered monthly groceries

- Created educational posters dictating what to do if someone has symptoms

- Delivered Quarantine Packs with some extra food and resources

- Provided contact details of available Doctors for our Community to get hotline support and a live diagnosis

- Adapt our move-in process with reinforced sanitary measures

We delivered hand soap and extra cleaning products to all houses, so our members can use them to clean and disinfect their rooms or common spaces. Each new member will now receive a washable face mask.

If our members need extra cleaning products, they can request them via our mobile app.

Yes, the openings of the new houses have not been impacted. You can apply online and our Community Manager will arrange all the details with you. Our booking is through a fully digital process.

Yes, thanks to our virtual tours you will be able to discover all common spaces of the house. You just have to apply and book your call to visit them virtually.

We follow and support all sanitary and government recommendations. So for now, our events are reduced to 10 people and we favor digital events that are co-organized by the Community members and the Cohabs Team. It's really important for us to keep our Community central to what we do. 

We are really flexible and adaptive depending on your situation. We do our best to offer you the best move-in experience, despite the COVID-19 situation. 

In order to secure your room, we recommend you to apply and book your call with our Community Manager. 

Our move-in process being fully digital, our main focus will be the safety of our existing and new members.

The day before you move in, we will ensure that you do not have the COVID-19 symptoms. When you move-in, you will receive a washable fabric mask and hand sanitizer. During your first few days, we recommend that you do not have much contact with your house’s existing members. 

You can contact us at or via our online form.

We are here to help you.

We offer a two weeks cancellation policy.

We are here to
help you.

We put together this FAQ to help you better understand how Cohabs works. If you’re a current member and have questions about your experience, please reach out to us at