Our vision 
of coliving

We are using our imagination, insight, and a sense of community to build something we can be inspired by and draw joy from.


« We looked at the history of house sharing and came to one clear conclusion — it was time for a radical change. »


Meet Cohabs™

Our response was the creation of a network of beautiful shared homes that people actually enjoy living in. We wanted to provide a great new co-living experience centered around flexibility, convenience and happiness.

An improved
living experience

We’re constantly improving our shared homes and the living experience of our members. Whether it’s through the technology, the design of the houses or the confort of the rooms, our main focus is the happiness of our members. In addition to the accommodation, every tenant can get a monthly subscription service that handles their grocery shopping, laundry and room cleaning so they can spend their time doing the things they love.

A bigger

We’re centered around our community. We help our members connect through dinners, parties and other events throughout the year. Our goal is to cultivate a strong & dynamic collaboration between cohabitants. Every house is designed to support a purpose-driven life amongst our members and we make sure we never miss an opportunity to help them connect.

A greener

We try to use as few resources as we can and limit our environmental impact in every way possible for future generations. Among other things, we make sure our houses have sustainable appliances, a rainwater harvesting system, solar panels or smart energy monitoring tools. Most of our furnitures are bought on the second hand market, giving them this amazing soul. Some of our members grow their food organically and most of them compost their waste.

A life changing
mobile app

As we strive to create an extraordinary living experience for our members, we had to remove all the pain points of traditional shared housing. Through our mobile application, you will be able to create an event or a poll, navigate our different houses, log an incident through our chatbot, start a conversation, follow-up on rent payment and so much more. Welcome to shared housing 2.0.